#noban #nowall

Today is the second day of a Nationwide protest of a non sense “Executive Ordesr” on the BAN of Muslims on this country, that even with the “help” of Guliani to try to make it “Legal” it is against the Constitution! One of th4e last of 18 in a week of those such “Executive Orders.”

This new andministr5ation shows the lack of experience and touch of human life, translators that have worked for more than ten years, risking their lifes aiding the US army in Iraq are not welcome here!

People holding Green Cards detained? Even Citizen of this country not allowed in? What’s wrong with this picture? On the eve of a Holocaust remembrance? How out of touch and arrogant all the “advisers” of trump are! Now Bannon a Alt-Right white supremacist is elevated as the head of the National Security council? Sure we are screwed, but not only us! The entire World is in Danger!

Impeach NOW before is to late!

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About marcocastrophotography

An avid story teller I have my long time affair with photography on the film/analog era back in my home town México City; it was when I started to work on my craftsmanship, I moved to the digital revolution, producing and shooting my own personal assignments on still images and video as well for several clients around the Tri-State area where I am for hire!
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