Loners and Groups

African Eagle

Does not looks like the “fisher one” but this one was at the middle of “Massai-Mara.”

Esta no se ve como la conocida “pescadora” pero estaba en la mitad del “Massai-Mara.”

Bat-eared Fox

This morning creature is old. “Fossil records show this canid to first appear during the middle Pleistocene, about 800,000 years ago,” according to wikipedia. The diet of this Fox is mostly insects and some rodents, eggs and even fruits.

Esta creatura matutina es muy vieja. “Fósiles muestran que este fox canino aparecío por vez primera enmedio del Pleistoceno, cerca de 800,000 años atrás, de acuerdo con wikipedia. Su dieta es compuesta principalmente de insectos, pero también incluye algunos ratones, huevos e inclusive frutas.

Golden Jackal

A very active creature in the mornings, even though, they are known for been night scavengers.

Muy activa creatura en la mañanas, aunque se le conozca también como carroñero nocturno.

Kirk’s Dik-Dik

“Genetic and behavioural evidence suggests that Kirk’s Dik-dik exhibits a fidelity in monogamous behaviour.” wikipedia. Smal antilope at 28” of length when full grown.

“Evidencia Genética y de comportamiento suguieren fidelidad de por vida y un conportamiento monógamo.” Wikipedia. Antílope muy pequeño a sus 70cm de largo en lo alto de su crecimiento.

Thomson’s Gazelle

This is another small but very fast creature that at 40 mph 65 km/h can make turns at that speed that even cheetas face defeat on this small package, at 58 to 70 cm (23 to 28 in) tall.

Este es otro pequeño animal pero bien rápido, corriendo a 64 km/h, dando vueltas a esa velocidad que inclusive los cheetas enfretran el fracaso al intentar cazar este pequeño paquete a 70-58cm 23”-28” de altura.

African Crocodile

This guys only wait at the edges of the Mara River close of the site of the crossing of close to a two million Wilderbeest and Zebras; almost a sure warranty for a bite.

Estos animals solo esperan a la orilla del Rio Mara; cerca del punto donde Cruzan un par de Millones de “Ñu’s” Wilderbeest; casi asegurando un bocado.


Even with their smiley faces you better know that is one of the most dangerous animals in the planet, and will stop only after the death of its adversary even a human.

Con todo y sus caritas sonrientes es mejor saber que estamos al frente de uno de los animales más peligrosos de todo el planeta y que no pararará hasta ver la muerte de su adversario, inclusive humanos.

Topi Sentinel Position

It is know that the topi can stand on top of the termite monticule for hours observing their territory.

Es sabido que el antílope más veloz: el Topi se puede parar por horas en lo alto de un monticulo de termitas para observar todo su territorio.

Wilderbeest and Zebras

They are always togother with the same goal in mind the greener and freshest long grass to eat, that is a characteristic of the “Serenguethi-Massai-Mara” ecosystem; their long gropus can be counted in the thousand to the millions that go around Tanzania and Kenya all year long. They can be considered the fundamental foundation of the food chain in the entire ecosystem.

Estos grupos siempre andan juntos, con una sola meta en su mente el pasto alto más verde y más fresco para comer; una de las características del ecosistema de “Serenguethi-Massai-Mara”; sus largos grupos pueden ser contados en los miles hasta los millones y van alrededor de Tanzania, Kenia todo el año, Podrían ser considerados como el pilar fundamental en la cadena alimenticia de todo el ecosistema.

Who is next? Quién sigue?

Just before rain they gather together, gets cold very fast.

Antes de llover se juntan, se pone frío bién rápido.



See you in the other side! Te veo del otro lado!


The giant and gentle looking Giraffes “the giraffe’s neck contains only 7 vertebrae. Anchor muscles on the giraffe’s shoulders, however, help to prop up the neck. A giraffe has a large heart that weights about 22 lbs and measures about 2 feet.”

Las gigantes y gentiles Girafas “el cuello de la Girafa contiene solo siete vertebras. Lo que sostiene el largo cuello son músculos en sus hombros. Tiene un corazoncito de metro y medio y casi diez kilos de peso.


However, the Magical moment developed in front of my very eyes; when a caravan of around twelve of the tallest creatures on the Animal Kingdom marched in front of me…in between them around 100 to 2 hundred feet walking through out a herd packed Zebras like nobody’s business with the only goal in mind that to reach the sunset at the verizon.

El momento Mágico comenzó cuando una caravana como de doce Girafas se me presentó frente a mi, el animal más grande del Reino Animal marchando frente a mi; cada una como a sesenta metros aparte caminando entre los rebaños de Zebras como por Juán en su casa, con el único objetivo de alcanzar a el sol en el horizonte.


About marcocastrophotography

An avid story teller I have my long time affair with photography on the film/analog era back in my home town México City; it was when I started to work on my craftsmanship, I moved to the digital revolution, producing and shooting my own personal assignments on still images and video as well for several clients around the Tri-State area where I am for hire!
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10 Responses to Loners and Groups

  1. Sara says:

    Dear papa I loved the pictures they were awesome. Love Atl. Me and Atl got a tie and a new jacket and got sweatpants. We had a picnic today,Well see you later, LOVE MEZTLI .C

  2. Marco Castro says:

    Meztli and Atl:
    Glad you like the pictures, espero esten leyendo las partes en Español…

    Love you!!!

    Your Dad…

  3. Ignacio says:

    Hola Marco,
    Your photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing the adventure with all of us. It is really great to see all of it in real time as you experience it.



  4. Roxana Villalobos says:

    Español please!!!! Yo si lo leo Saludos tia Sara,Atl y Meztli los queremos!!!

  5. Arias says:

    Great photographs!

  6. I blog often and I really thank you for yourr information. This great article has truly peaked
    mmy interest. I am going to take a not off your site and keep checking
    for new details about once a week.I opted iin for your RSS fewd too.

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    building up new weblog or even a weblog from start to end.

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