The Leopard

“Massai-Mara” has been overexploited that only one or two Leopards are around, the Rhinos are long gone from here, and just early this year some”Herdmen” poisoned three Lions, in the fight between Nature and Human society the lifeless bodies of the Lions around the Mara Reserve is were the answers lies…

El parque “Massai-Mara” ha sido muy explotado, que solo uno o dos Leopardos quedan, los Rinocerontes se han ido de aquí. Al principio de este año algunos de los que llaman “Hombres de Rebaños” envenenaron a tres Leones. En la lucha entre la Naturaleza y la Sociedad humana la respuesta se encuentra en los cuerpos sin vida de los Leones envenenados cerca del “Massai-Mara.”

It was shortly before six that my Guide Mnanpaso Jackson answered a call, it was his cousin with the breaking news of the Leopard sight. People have had spend four years looking unsuccessfully after this grandiose animal. It was a frenetic and frenzy driving through out the river crossings and over bushes five or six feet high that went for around twenty long minutes, it was like the Dakar-Casablanca Rally. In my very first night at the “Massai-Mara” the Leopard show itself to me.

Fué un poco antes de las seis de la tarde cuando mi Guia Mnanpaso Jackson recibio un llamado de su primo con la noticia de que habian visto al Leopardo. Mucha gente ha pasado más de cuatro años en la busqueda de este Grandioso Animal. Después del llamado fueron más de veinte minutos de una carrera contra el tiempo, cruzando rios y manejando sobre arbustos como de dos metros de alto. Me imagino asi ha de ser el Rally Dakar-Casablanca.  En mi primer noche dentro del “Massai-Mara” el Leopardo se me mostro.

I saw her walking very slow to his view point of the river watching all around her territory, knowing the she was surrounded by around ten noisy machines the trucks and with more noise coming on every frame take on all those cameras, some even with a very annoying flash.

La vi caminar lentamente de su lugar de reposo hacia su punto de vigilancia de todo su territorio. Sabiendo que estaba rodeada de dies maquinas ruidosas, las camionetas y con más ruido proveniente de cada cuadro que todas esas camaras tomaban una especialmente molestando con su flash.

To my surpise the very last morning just before leaving the “Massai-Mara” came again to say goodbye. I was very, lucky too see her once more.

Para mi sorpresa y antes de salir del “Massai-Mara” el Leopardo salío de nuevo para decir adios. Fui muy afortunado de verla nuevamente.

This was a great encounter with the Leopard!!!

Este fué un buen encuentro con el Leopardo!!!


About marcocastrophotography

I was born and raised in México City, where the mixture of cultures gave birth to the nation that we know as México. My grandmother was the last in my family who spoke fluent Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Due to the racism in those days, she never taught her daughters the language, and therefore, we, as a family, lost our cultural heritage. I have been involved, however, with the indigenous world, even though I do not believe this happened by coincidence. I have a background as a graphic designer, one credit short of a BA in Graphic Communication Design from the National School of Visual Arts, National Autonomous University of Mexico (ENAP-UNAM). While in a Photographic Workshop at the University Center of Cinematographic Studies (CUEC-UNAM), I met a photographer who changed my life forever: Ignacio “Nacho” López. I can still see how strongly he influences me when I develop my work in my digital darkroom. I have also had the opportunity to share marvelous moments with photographers like Dolores Alvarez-Bravo, Hector García, Lázaro Blanco, and Walter Reuter who introduced me to the etnia Triqui in Oaxaca, Mexico (Triqui Nation). I traveled and worked as Reuter's assistant for several years. I moved to New York City in 1993, which was a dream of mine for years. Here I have had the opportunity to collaborate with newspapers, magazines, and several news organizations, as well as literary publications. I also have been working as a photographer-consultant for the United Nations headquarters in New York City for the past six years at the openings of the General Assemblies. I spent endless hours in my darkroom, even mixing my own chemicals blowing up my prints back in my hometown; skills that I apply today in my digital work with attention to detail. I hold a BA on Communication and Culture from the School of Professional Studies at the Graduate Center City University of New York class of 2010. I consider myself as a Photojournalist with a Humanistic approach; I have an opportunity to rapidly built rapport with my subjects allowing me to break the barriers of language and culture; this open the doors for me to get a glimpse at their experience on their daily life and activities. Taking advantage of the old school and the digital imagining, I take the Previsualization of an image as taught by Anselm Adams with the algorithms of the new digital era and combine them to enhance what I see and experience at the moment of capture. My experience as a printer in Black and White darkroom, has allow me to choose the right material to support my imaginery. Using the Canon Pro9500 MarkII with it’s high-performance, high-density 7680 nozzle FINE print head that produces ink droplets as small as 3-picoliters for stunning, true-to-life images. The Canon LUCIA ink system guarantees archival photo life up to 100 years. All this in a 100 % acid-free cotton paper as the Moab Somerset enhanced velvet 225gsm. In 13” by 19” prints that I sale as fine art. As freelance Photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Am always open for the booking of my expertise and for hire anywhere in the world as I hold two passports as Mexican-American and a driver’s license for the State of New York.
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3 Responses to The Leopard

  1. Roxana Villalobos says:

    La suerte está de tu lado es tu mes fue tu regalo de cumpleaños!!

  2. Vicky Groner says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con Roxana, fué tu regalo de cumpleaños y de renacimiento….gggrrrrllllll!!!!!!!!!!…..

  3. Marco Castro says:

    Muchas gracias a las dos!!!

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