“Massai-Mara” National Reserve

I took off on Saturday October 2nd to the Park, it took me Ten hours straight of driving, the Kenyan highways that after Nurok; just dissapeared and the bumpiest road laid in front of my very wide open eyes, no way a regular car can make its ways to the Reserve. I slept on a small camp known as Kamara Mara, nice warm water to shower-up and continue for another three hours in the Mara Roads. Called by the locals as the “African massage.”

Me tomo diez horas manejando para llegar al Parque “Massai-Mara”, cai como piedra a dormir en un campamento en las afueras de la entrada Talek, por el rio que esta cercano. Despues de bañarme en la maña continue otras tres horas más de manejar en los caminos del parque. Los locales los conocen como los caminos del Masaje Africano.


I spent two nights three days at the “Intrepids Lodge” in the middle of the “Massai-Mara” a guide was with us a  22 year old Massai with the sharpest eyes ever known and real knowledge of the animals and plants of the area, knowing where to go and when because all the guides are family that keep informed each other of the animals whereabouts. That helps a lot, specially if you are driving your 4 by 4 by yourselve. His name is Mnanpaso Jackson.

Me quedé en el centro del Parque Massai-mara en un lodge conocido como “Mara Intrepids,” estar cerca de donde pasan las cosas y con un guia autoctono fué lo mejor para mi visita, un joven Massai de Veintidos años Mnanpaso Jackson, con una supervista y un real conocimiento de los animales y las plantas del Massai-Mara…

El guia me dijo que fui muy suertudo ya que la primera noche se me mostro un Leopardo y que mucha gente han venido varios años en su busqueda sin lograrlo.

My guide told me that I was very Lucky as in my first night a Leopard show itself to me after a twenty minutes of freenzy driving and jumping the roads to get a sneak preview of that grandiose animal…


About marcocastrophotography

An avid story teller I have my long time affair with photography on the film/analog era back in my home town México City; it was when I started to work on my craftsmanship, I moved to the digital revolution, producing and shooting my own personal assignments on still images and video as well for several clients around the Tri-State area where I am for hire!
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  1. Sara says:

    Where are the pictures of these supposed animals?

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