Nairobi 1 1/2 Day

Hi all!

I landed at Nairobi, yesterday 09/23. Dealing today with details of our LandRover “Mara/Express” to get ready for “Massai Mara”…


About marcocastrophotography

An avid story teller I have my long time affair with photography on the film/analog era back in my home town México City; it was when I started to work on my craftsmanship, I moved to the digital revolution, producing and shooting my own personal assignments on still images and video as well for several clients around the Tri-State area where I am for hire!
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2 Responses to Nairobi 1 1/2 Day

  1. Vicky Groner says:

    Hola Marco,

    Me encantó la idea que déspues de tu hospitalización, hayas podido viajar al Continente Africano. Saludos a Miguel, me alegra verlo.
    P.D. Me cambie de departamento en el mismo edificio. Besos

  2. Marco Castro says:

    Saludos al George y a tu hijo Robert…

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